quinta-feira, 17 de abril de 2014

Stalking Her Ex

I always do some sort of research - or as some call, stalking - into the exes (or at least the latest ex) of a girl I'm dating or interested in. This is not some obsession thing, actually I learn a lot about myself doing this. Over time, I figured that if the guys before me were assholes, I probably am an asshole too.

sábado, 7 de dezembro de 2013

Folk Song

Sunday morning, snowing outside. Warm and cozy in the bed that, despite all the mess, looks kinda nice. He is somewhat hungover, somewhat sane. Trying to remember what has happened last night, he opens his eyes and try to look around.
A nice folk song is playing, just acoustic guitar and a sweet voice. Sung by a woman, the lyrics describe a really hard heartbreak. He feels sad but is not willing to move or to even fight it. This song is worth all the pain in the world.
Slowly he stands up and notices that the song is being played live, in his living loving room. As his eyes get used to daylight, he sees a pair of panties, a dress and high heels shoes.
Once he walks to the living room, he can see a beautiful woman, naked, only with guitar in hands, sitting comfortably in the couch, playing and singing. He feels desperately in love with her.
It's enough for him to grab her things and throw at her.
 - Go, leave.
 - But... Why? I thought we were having a good time...
 - Keep your thoughts to yourself. We've both got what we were looking for, now it's time for you to leave.
As she was walking out, trying to get the jacket right, he was feeling destroyed on the inside but safe. Really safe.
 - It's better this way - he thought - This way she cannot hurt me anymore. She did enough damage with that goddamn song.
And that was how he kept safe, warm and unhappy, for the rest of his life.

quinta-feira, 21 de novembro de 2013

I just wanna hold your hand

 - I've noticed you've been looking me all night long.
 - Yeah.
 - Why didn't you come and talk to me?
 - I was wondering if I would be able to love you like you want to be loved.
 - But you don't know how I want to be loved or even if I want to be loved, at all.
 - Exactly.
 - And you don't even know me.
 - Yeah.
 - And you want to love me, already?
 - Wanted to. Wanted.

Please allow me to introduce myself

 - So... What are you going to do this weeked?
 - Are you sure you wanna know? I mean... You don't even know my name...
 - Yeah, I'm just bored.
 - A blowjob, perhaps? How about that?
 - That could work...

sexta-feira, 18 de outubro de 2013

Why would you wanna try?

 - It's very clear to me, in this moment of ending, your eyes say you wanna try again
 - If you really love me, why shouldn't we try?
 - Perhaps because I've tried everything but giving up?
 - So that means you won't give us another chance?
 - Why you wanna break my heart again? And, most importantly, why should I let you try?

domingo, 13 de outubro de 2013


 - So what are you saying, exactly?
 - The same I've always said.
 - Which is?
 - That you don't really pay attention to what I'm saying.
 - So what are you saying, exactly?


 - Darling, you know, sometimes I wish I was invisible...
 - Really...?
 - Yeah, you know, walking around not being seen, see how people behave like when there's no one around, what people d...
 - And what about being mute? Never thought about that?
 - ...